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Do not forget the sense of gratitude, latent thinking

"Make high-quality pet food in China!" I believe this is the heartfelt voice of every pet practitioner.

In order to break the technical barrier and improve the production standard and level of domestic pet industry, the founding team of Patil has visited many countries for investigation and study visits.

During the investigation in Spain, I learned about the unique properties of the local pet market. As one of the key markets of the pet industry in Europe, Spain has abundant Marine fishery resources, high cutting-edge scientific research strength, advanced production equipment, and world-class advanced scientific research talents. It is based on such excellent objective conditions, the original team with the support of local resources, the use of advanced Spanish formula, combined with high standard production technology, developed the initial product series -- and named it "patiduo PEPTIDO", meaning a local white vine flower, in the thorns, not to be fearless of hardships, grow vigorously.

In order to break the technical barriers, the founding team introduced advanced production technology and strict material selection standards from Europe into China after the product was formed. And invited European pet food field leading researchers to join the technical team. Thus founded today's Peptido (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., LTD.

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Peptido set research and development, production, sales as one of the large modern pet food enterprises.

The company has a professional research team, first-class production equipment, production research and development brand marketing one-stop system, the three forms a quite large circular industry chain.

At the same time also has independent dry food, wet food and nutrition production factory. Products are exported to the global market, in the domestic major provinces, cities, autonomous regions, municipalities and so on have operations and sales.

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Brand Concept


Brand Memory

Brand Strength


Founded in 2017, Peptido (Beijing) International Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a large modern pet food enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Four years after the establishment of the company, we have adhered to the original intention. Know the quality of raw materials, scientific research strength, factory production strength - the combination of the three is the foundation to ensure the competitiveness of products. Therefore, we continue to optimize production equipment, improve the management of raw material supply chain, and strengthen the further training of scientific researchers. And then created today's pattido. In four years, we have established three modern chemical plants, which can fully meet the independent production of wet grain, snacks and staple grains. And has successively obtained ISO22000 certification, pet food import and export qualification certificate and other authoritative certification. In terms of production strength and product quality, Peptido keeps improving.

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